There seems to be a repeating topos in history, where powers on the loosing side of a war try to turn its tide by inventing new, secret and/or super weapons. The misguided hope seems to be that these new wonder weapons will be enough to totally surprise their enemies, dominate the battlefield and/or shock the enemy into submission – and thus bring by victory in short order.


Some examples that were (quite) unsuccessful:


Japan building submarine aircraft carriers towards the end of WW2.
Hitlers ambitious (or rather: illusionary) Wunderwaffen programs, such as the Maus Panzer, Landkreuzer Ratte and many many more…

希特勒野心勃勃的(或者更確切地說:幻想的) 奇跡武器,比如重戰車計劃、超重型坦克給還有很多很多……